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Below is the list of the major topics in stock at E.J. McConnell, Inc. To receive a list of items available in your topic of interest, please email us. Be sure to include your email address, street address and/or phone number. We will attempt to reply within 5 business days. If you do not have access to email, write us at the address in the envelope above. Sample engravings may be seen at This Month's Feature page.

Major Themes Depicted on Engraved Proofs

1. Alcohol

2. Animals

A. Cats
B. Dogs
C. Horses
D. Primates
E. Rabbits

3. Nature

A. Birds
B. Flowers
C. Fruits
D. Grapes
E. Mountains
F. Waterfalls

4. Art

A. Paintings
B. Photography
C. Religion

5. Authors

A. Printing
B. Writers

6. Auto

A. Motorcycles

7. Aviation

A. Balloons
B. Space
C. Apollo

8. Bicentennial
9. Bicycle
10. Boyscouts

11. Bridges

A. Architecture

12. Butterfly

A. Insects

13. Cancer
14. Centennary
15. Chess
16. Christmas
17. Coffee
18. Coins
19. Concorde

20. Energy

A. Electricity

21. Europa
22. Expo
23. Fairy Tales
24. Fezzan
25. Film
26. Flags
27. Dams

28. France

A. French Col.
B. French Polyn.
D. Antarctica
E. Philex

29. Hairstyles
30. Interpol
31. IWY
32. IYC
33. IYPD
34. Lighthouses
35. LIONS Int.
36. Maps
37. Masks

38. Marine Life

A. Fish
C.Sea Life


A. Heart
B. Leprosy
C. Nurses

40. Meteorology
41. Minerals
42. Monaco
43. Mushrooms
44. Muestra

45. Music

A. Musicians
B. Composers
C. Dance

46. New Caledon
47. Oil
48. Olympics

49. Sports

A. Archery
B. Basketball
C. Baseball
D. Fencing
E. Gymnastics
F. Hockey
G. Judo
H. Rowing
I. Soccer
J. Scuba
K. Skeet
L. Skiing
M. Tennis
O. Volleyball
P. Wrestling

50. Official Stamps

51. Personalities

A. Explorers
B. Famous Women
C. Presidents
D. Bleriot
E. Buddha
F. Columbus
G. Churchill
H. Captain Cook
I. Copernicus
K. Ghandi
M. Lincoln
N. Lenin
P. Napoleon
Q. Nobel
R. Princess Diana
S. Pope
T. Koch
U. Eleanor Roosevelt
V. Schweitzer
W. Washington

52. Police

53. Railroad

A. Trains

54. Red Cross
55. Refugees
56. Rotary
57. Royalty

58. Ships

A. Port/Harbor

59. Spain
60. Statue of Liberty
61. Stamp on Stamp
62. Tanks
63. Telephone
64. Tobacco
65. UN
66. UPU
67. Waterlow & Sons
68. Windmills
69. WWII
70. Zeppelin
71. Zodiac


tel: 845.783.9791 | fax: 845.782.0347 | mail:ejstamps@gmail.com


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