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1. Seal "Otarie"
Large Engraving - The Frame is 12"x15", gold metal, white matting. Signed by the artist, Otto Andreotti and numbered (out of only 950 issued). The original stamp from French Antarctica is at the left corner, cancelled 12/4/79. The engraving of the seal is brown in color.. $245.00

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2. U.S. Bicentennial with the American Eagle in the center.
Scarce Engraved Die Proof in an 8 1/2" x 10" Pewter frame. Brown suede matting. The proof is one of the only 25 existing! It is pencil-signed by the artist/engraver, with an embossed government seal. Issued in Mali, 1980. "French Cooperation in the Amreican Revolution": Rochambeau & George Washington. $195.00

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3. Norman Rockwell
"Four Freedoms" 1993. This is a souvenir sheet of four stamps with a story about Norman Rockwell to the right. Silver frame, 8" x 7" with dark green suede matting. $39.00

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4. Elvis
This is an 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" dull silver frame with black matting. Four different blocks of four imperf stamps from St. Vincent. Interesting poses, three with microphone. $49.00

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5. Lucy & Desi Golf
Silver Frame, 7" x 8" with gray matting. Souvenir sheet from Guinee. $36.00

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6. Olympics - Sarajevo 1984
Skating and Skiing with gold frame, 7" x 8" with dark blue matting. Souvenir sheet. $36.00

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7. Muhammad Ali
Sheet with 9 different poses in a silver frame, 8" x 10" with bright blue matting. 1998 Central Africa sheet. $34.00

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8. Soccer
Silver frame, 7" x 7" with olive green matting. Block of four stamps from the Chad Republic. Very Attractive. $32.00


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