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Featured Items

On this page you will find our featured item. If you are interested in purchasing the item found on this page, please email us a request, be sure to include your mailing address. Please note that items that contain text, i.e. the signed items, may have been blurred in the digital scanning process. The originals are much clearer.

Current Featured Item:

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Belgium. 1978. B972. Lake Placid Moscow Collective black Presentation Sheet of 2. $250.00

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Ecuador. 1970. 803. Morpho cyprus Error! 80 cts. Imperf. blk. of 4 w/ red color shifted. $180.00

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Germany. 1972. 1098. H. Heine, Poet on Perf. specimen, ovpt. Muster in black. $100.00

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Israel. 1949. 16. Tabul S. Sheet. $90.00

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Japan. 1962. B17a. Tokyo, Perf. S/Sheet of 3, Mihan ovpt. Judo, Water, Polo, Gymnast. $45.00

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St. Pierre et Miquelon. 1994. 609. House, decorated trees. litho Deluxe Sheet, Paris print. $30.00


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