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ESSAYS 1.ARTIST DRAWINGS—Essays done in pencil, watercolors or tempera and Submitted to the postal administration for acceptance and contract.

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6 cent proposed design for, "Peace Through International Law" by Bonnevale, Belgian, who received 3rd prize from the Postal Admin! R.W. Maxwell for Labor and Development realeased in 1969 $800.


2.ENGRAVED DIE PROOFS—Prepared by the artist or engraver onSoft die and handpressed individually on carton approximately 6" X 5".

A.Stage Proofs—Proofs prepared during various stages of the Engraving, often pencil-signed, inked in black and notedAccordingly, "1 er Etat", "2 em Etat",etc.

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MONACO, 1974 #909 Ferand Forest 4 Cylinder Inventor on Black.First Stage (1 er etat) Die Proof, signed Phenlpin.
19 exist $355.

B. Final Stage Proofs—Submitted proof before acceptance by the Administration, sometimes hand-colored and various quantities Exist: 18-28.

1.1928-1958: No control seal, signed and unsigned, soft and hardened die prints (on hardened dies the engraver and/or the artistís name(s) appear on the stamp).

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ST.PIERRE MIQUELON 1956 # 349 Fish Freezing Plant, by Serres $275.


2.1959-1964: control seal verifying 18 exist (copy of directive as verification), signed by the artist and prepared from the soft die.

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MONACO 1962 # 522 Black Die Proof, signed by Claude Betemps 18 exist!! Galeazzi turret $290.


3.1964-1996: new control seal (handpress), signed and soft die print. Approximately 19 to 28 prints exist.

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CAMEROUN 1973 # 566 Die Proof—Red or Blue, signed by Jacques Combet for Bamoun Mask $275.



3.PRINTER'S SEPIA 'INSPECTION' PROOFS—Approximately 5 1/2 " X 4" in sepia with 3 punch holes at the bottom, prepared in limited quantity (3 to 5) ,some with the administration acceptance noted by "Bon a Tirer" stamped on the proof. Printed for inspection to determine clarity of the die. Ceased being released in the early 1960ís.

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FRANCE 1955 # 713 SEPIA PROOF by artist/engraver Decaris Square Rig, Capricieuse $350.

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FR. EQ. AFRICA 1957 # 196 ARCHIVE PROOF, STAMPED BON A TIRER artist/engraver Gandon Lions $450.



4.TRIAL COLOR PROOFS—Plate proofs from the hardened die to determine the ink color(s) in the final printing of the issued stamp.

A.Printerís Color Die Proofs—Approximately 5" x 4" in various colors as noted by the four (4) digit code in the lower rightCorner. Printed on sheets with 3 punch holes at the bottom from the hardened die in a small embossed, 1 1/4" X 2" area.

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MONACO 1947 C 20 PRINTER'S COLOR DIE PROOF, Blue Statue of Liberty, # 1115 $290.

TRIAL COLORS—First release catalogue noted in 1870/1 and then again From 1939 to date. Distribution for France ceased in late 1982 and For colony issues, except Monaco which ceased in 1996.

B. Plate Proofs—Imperf gummed sheets of 5,10,25,30 or 50 Stamps in color other than issued. Single colors (2 or 3 different), Bicolors and tricolors (multicolor) are represented throughout the Sheet. Accessible in single copies to full sheets. Color codes are Noted in a margin with pencil. Multiple sheets in similar color exist. About 600 copies exist with approximately 13 sheets released.

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MONACO 1966 # 644 TRIAL COLOR STRIP OF 5—bottom margin, plate no. 10454, date of printing 29-8-66 Trial colors in orange JO7LX, green VE5LX, red RO3LX, red, multi Television, Radio 10th Intl. Catholic Association. Prices vary starting at $10.



5.IMPERFORATES—Original color, size and gum of issued stamp, But not perforated.

A.Proofs—Submitted by the printing house for final Inspection. Exist with the postal administratorís Signature. Adhered to printing house descriptive Sheet.

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Malagasy 1975. #534 Frog Imperf. Proof on Format Presentation Sheet. $75.

B.Presentation—Issued for distribution to high Governmental officials and the market from 1924 to 1996 And listed in French catalogues. 1000 are printed.

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BURKINA FASO, formerly Upper Volta, 1970 # 220/21 IMPERF Plate blocks of 4 Abraham Lincoln, UPU. Prices vary starting at $100.

6.DELUXE SHEETS—Ungummed sheets printed separately from the hardened die in the size and color of the issued stamp. Catalogue reference from 1923 to date. Various sizes And formats for the sheet exist. Quantities vary per issue From 122 to 250 as per French catalogues. Only prints From Paris as noted on the sheets apply to quantites Noted.

Sizes: up to 1949, 165 x 130 mm, tissue paper adhered And 3 punch holes at the center bottom.

1949 to 1992: 150 x 100 mm , with and without punch holes.

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MONACO 1951 # 260 DELUXE SHEET Statue of Prince Albert I at the wheel $30.

7.COLLECTIVE SHEETS—Sheets in various size with single value or set in original color and size. Catalogue listed from 1923. Paris printing notation in lower right corner.

A. Imperf-Issued on gummed paper with only about 18 to 20 believed to exist. Listed in French catalogues from 1923 to 1996.

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Mauritania Munich Olympics

B. Deluxe-Issued on carton, ungummed paper with only About 18-20 believed to exist. Listed in French catalogues from 1923 to 1996.

C.Perforated-Postally valid from 1925 until they ceased In 1959. Listed in the French catalogues in quantites From 12 to 1000 (only once) , with the majority Being 20.

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MONACO 1956 # 366/70, C 46/48 (2) PERF COLLECTIVE SHEETS Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III $275.

8.TRIAL COLOR SOUVENIER SHEET—Multiple values are depicted on one sheet in colors other than the issued stamps. Up to four souvenier sheets in different color sequences may be printed on one sheet.

Thus trial color souvenier sheets are much rarer than trial sheets of 10, 25, 30 or 50. These may also be referred to as Collective Sheets. Then only one collective sheet is printed on the sheet which could house 25 to 50 stamps. Color codes are also posted in the margin in relation to the colors depicted on the sheet. These ceased being released in 1982 onto the market.


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Gabon 1974 C155a
World Cup Soccer


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Gabon 1974 C155a
World Cup Soccer


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