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We can offer you one of the finest selections of "Specialties", Imperfs, Essays,Die Proofs and Errors

From almost all TOPICALS and COUNTRIES.

We will be glad to discuss your offer personally.

Please check TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE of your monthly approval:

_______$50.00 _______$100.00_________$250.00________$500.00________or more

You are interested in? ______Imperfs______Deluxe sheets________Die Proofs

_________Trial colors_____________other








*********PAYMENT : We accept payment in U.S. Dollars—Cash, Check on U.S. Bank, Postal

Money Order, Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Am. Express

As per the informative literature pertaining to TOPICALS, we are offering you the opportunity

To acquire issues monthly. Various themes and/or countries are listed on the Home Page.

We would appreciate any specifics you may provide us with, as per the form above, and as follows:

_____Artist Drawings_______Die Proofs______Sepia Inspection Sheets

_____Trial Colors_______w/o seal______Imperfs

_____Printer’s Color Die Proofs ______1959-1964______Deluxe sheets

_____Plate Proofs______1964-1996______Collective sheets

_____Stage Proofs______Covers,Postal History______Other


tel: 845.783.9791 | fax: 845.782.0347 | mail:ejstamps@gmail.com